Why SynthoGraft?

SynthoGraft™ offers a unique structure which provides stability, while its micro-porosity allows for rapid vascularization and subsequent resorption. Although several varieties of Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate are now commercially available, their bone regenerating capabilities are not equal. The differences can affect not only the rate and quality of bone regeneration, but also the rate of resorption and replacement with autogenous bone during the healing process.


SynthoGraft™ Offers:

  • Increased patient acceptance
  • Elimination of the inherent risks associated with biologically-derived bone graft materials
  • Greater surface area compared to other synthetic bone grafting materials
  • Rapid vascularization and subsequent resorption when mixed with the patient’s own blood
  • Nanometer-scale porosity
  • Available in two particle sizes: 50-500µm and 500-1000µm

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