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SynthoGraft™ SEM

The Dentist and Patient

SynthoGraft offers clinicians and patients the confidence of knowing that they have a completely synthetic bone graft material. SynthoGraft eliminates the inherent uncertainties and risks associated with bone graft materials that are derived from humans or animals. Patients have benefited from pure phase Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate, SynthoGraft, since 1981.


Mr. Driskell (inventor of βTCP bone graft materials) has improved the stoichiometric chemistry, the characteristics of this particular tricalcium phosphate compared to the material that we have investigated previously and, by all indications, is a significant improvement for applications in dentistry.

Jack E. Lemons, Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham

What happens at six to nine months is that the fibrous materials, as well as the grafting materials, are no longer present and the cortical bone is much thicker and much more stabilized. In my opinion, any time after three months it is a very stable site.

Ziedonis Skobe, Ph.D., Forsyth Institute and Harvard University

History of SynthoGraft™

History of SynthoGraft™

Product Details

Part Number Particle Size Volume
260-400-125 50-500μm 0.25g
260-400-150 50-500μm 0.50g
260-400-151 50-500μm 1.00g
260-400-152 50-500μm 2.00g
Part Number Particle Size Volume
260-400-525 500-1000μm 0.25g
260-400-500 500-1000μm 0.50g
260-400-501 500-1000μm 1.00g
260-400-502 500-1000μm 2.00g

Selected Research

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