Scientific Studies

Clinical Studies

Extensive human and animal studies have shown the osteoconductive properties of SynthoGraft:

  • Rapid bone regeneration in critical size defects at early implantation times has been observed.
  • Micro-computed tomographic analysis of retrieved human cores at 3, 6, and 12 months following sinus lift procedures have shown bone-to-grafting material volume ratios ranging from 78 to 98% as early as 3 months.
  • No foreign body responses were detected.
clinical01_xl clinical02_xl
A transmission electron micrograph (TEM) showing the structurally interconnected nanometer size porosity of SynthoGraft. Histologic 3D core reconstruction analysis showed significant new bone formation in sinus grafted regions.
clinical03_xl clinical04_xl
3 month histology. 6 month histology.
Retrieval of sinus elevations after 3 and 6 months showed progressive resorbtion of SynthoGraft particles and increasing bone regeneration.

Laboratory Studies

Extensive laboratory studies have demonstrated the unique physical properties of SynthoGraft:

  • Nanometer-scale porosity
  • Pure, synthetic material
  • Cellular-level biocompatibility
lab01_xl lab02_xl
Micrometer and nanometer pore size for optimized material dissolution and bone regeneration rates. In vitro cytotoxicity assays confirmed the cellular-level biocompatibility of SynthoGraft.

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