Basic Procedures

Product Preparation:

  1. Remove glass vial of SynthoGraft from sterile package.
  2. Use anesthesia without epinephrine. Place patient’s blood into dappen dish. Blood is most easily obtained from the surgical site or venipuncture of the ante-cubital fossa.
  3. Progressively pour SynthoGraft into dappen dish allowing the blood to be absorbed by the material. SynthoGraft must only be wetted with the patient’s blood.
  4. Mix SynthoGraft with a periosteal elevator for two minutes or until its consistency is putty-like.
  5. SynthoGraft is ready for use when it adheres to a periosteal elevator.

Keys to Success:

  • It is not recommended to mix SynthoGraft with any other bone grafting material.
  • Conventional flap and curettage techniques are used to assure that the site is completely debrided and that the root surfaces are thoroughly planed and decontaminated.
  • Suctioning should be limited to the excess fluid from the graft and the periphery of the site.
  • Use of a membrane may be indicated.
  • Clinicians are encouraged to place implants 3 to 5 months after grafting.
  • Peel and use vial label for easy charting and record keeping.

SynthoGraft™: Technique Manual

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